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Episode 10: Conflicts with Your Gay Identifying Teenager.

Episode 11: Tips for Dating Someone Who is SSA (Same-Sex Attracted)

Episode 12: Morgan Roberts: Her Story as an SSA Woman, Wife & Mom

Episode 13: Building Effective Communities of Support for SSA Christians

Episode 14: Welcoming our LGBTQ+ Friends into a Church Environment

Episode 15: Questions All About Crushes & What to Do With Them

Episode 16: Handling Tricky Discussions with Friends About Our SSA

Episode 17: How to Find Peace in Accepting Your Homosexual Attractions

Episode 18: Personal Approaches to Pro-Gay Theology

Episode 19: Any Regrets in Deciding to Live for God?

Episode 20: Walking Through Thick & Thin With Our Friends

Episode 21: Remembering What We are Thankful For

Episode 22: Exploring & Celebrating Sexuality Whilst Being a Christian

Episode 23: Deb Bowen: Her Story as Mom of Three; Two of Whom are Gay