A Strength in Weakness Member's BI-Weekly Update

New Perspectives
From Strength in Weakness Ministries
Volume 19 | September 4, 2020
A SIW Member's Bi-Weekly Update

Real Life Up Close

Let's Talk Life with Morgan & Rayshon

a 4 part video series
Life with Morgan & Rayshon
Part 2: Navigating the Conversation
How & What to Share

Morgan & Rayshon Roberts live in San Diego, California and are married with two beautiful children. Morgan is same-sex attracted and an invaluable part of the Strength in Weakness team. Rayshon is an incredibly talented and successful musician. Listen to his music at Rayshon Music!

Parent & Family Ministry

Our Video Series with Kathy MacBrien
Part 3: A Mighty Shout of Courage
A Mighty Shout of Courage: Kathy MacBrien Interview Part Three
Kathy shares with us how she has chosen to navigate her journey with her children.
(7:50 mins)


"I thought the BIG surrender was when I became a Christian. No, that's not the big surrender, it is surrendering our kids and their decisions."
"When we surrender, it opens us up to wait for the big miracles, an openness to let God work."

"The bridge with our kids is communication. I'm going to be silent sometimes and I'm going to surrender it but I'm going to fill myself up with the courage to have conversations that build the bridge."

Walking bridge in the woods during the fall
it matters
young women on the beach_ foot prints on wet sand_ footsteps on the beach_ one person_ feet and jeans_ horizontal

"Being a part of this ministry has made this journey feel like it matters and I hold onto that a lot.
It's the place in my life where I feel like God shows Himself to
use whatever circumstances I have - to use it and give back."

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Join us, Topher and Thomas, two twenty-somethings who like guys but love God. We'll dive head-first into your questions about LGBTQ issues, church culture, & living authentically while giving our questionable advice. This is a safe place for real conversation, so come on in!
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