6 September 2023

Good evening from Carnforth, Lancashire, England

The Jacobys have sold their house in Scotland (a few days ago) and will soon secure housing in England, 2 hours closer to Vicki’s mother. I’ve been working on extending my UK visa (time-consuming)—and am happy that I am approved till February 2026—and then eligible for British citizenship. (Dual nationality is permitted.) Vicki is preparing for a big conference in the States this month, working on the launch of a new ministry, and helping me with a new book. We’re in transition! Thanks for your prayers.

  • This week: An important Q&A (not just for mothers), plus a guest article by a history professor at Johnson University (of special interest to members in the Restoration Movement)

  • Next week: Conversation 10, which is a Q&A on sexuality, following on from last week’s discussion.

Q&A 1646: Alcohol during pregnancy okay?

Q: Is it okay for me to consume alcohol while I’m pregnant? I am not a big drinker. This would be just a couple of glasses of wine now and again.

A: Your question reminds me of one I put to my mother 20 years ago. I asked if she ever drank wine when she was pregnant with me. She answered, "Wine? Heck, I had cocktails." To which I replied, "Mom! I could have turned out better!" Then she added, "We didn't know any better back then."

Well, apparently it does matter. I found an article that speaks to this matter, "Drinking during pregnancy changes baby's brain structure" (November 22, 2022, Radiological Society of North America). Summary: A new MRI study revealed that consumption of alcohol even in low to moderate amounts during pregnancy can change the baby's brain structure and delay brain development.  See the full article HERE.

The Hidden Origins of the Campbell Movement:
Cooperating across denominational boundaries, by James L. Gorman

An article appearing in the newsletter of Common Grounds Unity, 19 Aug 2023, used with permission. James L. Gorman is Professor of History at Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Origin stories deeply shape our identity, theology, and practice. The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and why we exist have enormous influence on who we are becoming today and tomorrow. Many adherents of the Stone-Campbell Movement [founding leaders of the movement that would become the Churches of Christ, Christian Church, and Disciples of Christ] have never heard about the actual origins of the movement led by Thomas and Alexander Campbell. For a long time, the basic narrative of the Campbell movement’s origins went something like this: KEEP READING

Conversation 10: Sexuality Q&A

Thanks for your responses to Conversation 9. There are still a few days left to send feedback or input to us before Conversation 10, which will be a Q&A following on from our discussion. Thank you!

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Thanks for all your prayers and support.

In his love,