Report from Madrid

Greetings from Madrid, Spain! I made my plunge into Europe in August of 2016, which was made possible with a scholarship from the International Bible Teaching Ministry, as well as donations from loved ones from around the world. Thank you, IBTM!

Here in Madrid, I work as a teacher, helping English students prepare for their careers by building resumes, prepping for interviews, learning business terminology, and more. I also do website development internationally as a freelance web developer. These are the ways I support myself, When I’m not working, I’m spending time with disciples in the church (Iglesia de los discípulos de Cristo Madrid) and studying in school to finish my Master’s Degree in Theology. I also occasionally travel to other places in Europe; my next trip is to London, where I’ll spend time with disciples of Christ.

Upon arriving in Madrid, I had the opportunity to share my faith with many people within the program through which I came. I used Facebook to talk about God and church, and I leveraged the use of a Facebook group of about 600+ people to broadcast events and services. Through those ads, there were several people that came to Christian meetings, and many more who expressed interest. Now one of them is studying the Bible and building a deep and solid foundation with God. The church here is thriving and building strong connections within the city. Just last year, there was a new HOPE worldwide program started for teaching English for free to anyone who wants to come. Through this program, there has already been someone met, who then studied the Bible, and is now your brother in Christ; and the program continues to grow. It’s incredible. All throughout Madrid, there are disciples making an impact and growing in faith. Being in Madrid has been an encouragement to me, and your brothers and sisters here are genuine in their faith, and hopeful in God’s sovereign power.

The International Bible Teaching Ministry (IBTM) would like to be able to support many more gifted teachers, both men and women, like Daniel. Drop us a note if you would like to be part of this as a sponsor.