IBTM Newsletter
19 April 2023

Good evening from sunny Edinburgh!

First off, thanks for your generous response to last week’s appeal for funding. $1618 was given or pledged for global teaching materials (from the U.S.Australia, and the Czech Republic)—a significant dent in the total need. Donations for the Athens Institute (biblical training) would still be much appreciated. We deeply appreciate your confidence in the International Bible Teaching Ministry.

On an entirely different note, one of the most interesting persons I’ve met since we moved to Scotland is Calum MacKellar, Director of Research for the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics. We connected through a faith and science event I was teaching back in February. In the next few weeks, and with inspiration and material from Dr. MacKellar, we will focus on a range of important bioethical topics: gender dysphoria, abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, surrogacy, eugenics, and more.

Speaking of new material, this morning the 6th episode in my wife Vicki’s much acclaimed podcast, Women of Worth, went live. You can subscribe to her podcast here. (My own continue to be posted here.) In this newsletter you’ll also find a new iFaith message (scroll down), plus a strong recommendation for an excellent book.

Like many of you, I love books. Volumes I’ve been devouring recently include Unintended Reformation (Brad Gregory), Biblical Critical Theory (Christopher Watkin), and The Kingdom of God, Vol. III: Learning War No More (Tom Jones). Although they’re all excellent, I’d like to especially recommend Tom Jones’s book.

Have you ever devoted a few hours to studying Christ’s teaching on warfare? If not, Jones’s book will be particularly thought-provoking—well worth your time. To order, just click the book image.

Kingdom of God III ties in directly with the fledgling ministry already promoted in this newsletter, Jesus Peace Collective: Following the Prince of Peace in a Culture of Violence. Few topics are more important for the modern church.

Finally, for the next iFaith video message, “Lord, Lord,” please click HERE.

The current series (A-Z) comprises 26 messages, and pulls no punches as it zeroes in the epitome of Jesus’s teaching, cherished by all Christians through the ages: the Sermon on the Mount. The final 2 messages will be linked in the next two newsletters.

Have a great week!