If you've been a regular listener to the Language of God podcast you've probably noticed our recent episodes have been a little different in attempt to respond to these times we're living in.

Rather than a studio recording like we usually do, our latest episode was originally a live stream we put on about the current state of COVID-19 research with the Director of the National Institutes of Health, and BioLogos founder, Francis Collins.

We connected like so many these days – over a video feed. If you prefer, you can watch that unedited video version of this conversation.

For this podcast episode, we cut right to my conversation with Francis. Besides getting the inside scoop on the latest scientific and public health issues connected to COVID-19, Francis also very openly shares about his faith and how difficult a national and worldwide crisis is. Our conversation is raw in places and authentic throughout.

Let's get to the conversation ...

Jim Stump, Host of the Language of God podcast