26 July 2023
IBTM Newsletter

Good afternoon from Edinburgh. It’s been quite a week—working on the next UK visa (to be able to remain in Britain), selling the house, looking for our new home in England, recording “conversations,” and keeping up with all the demands of the ministry. (More on what’s going on with us in the final paragraph.) Today would also be my father's 100th birthday. (That gets you thinking...)

This week’s offerings:

  • A conversation on “Personal fruitfulness"
  • A conversation on “Counting the cost
  • Reviews of two great books on leadership, by Malcolm Cox
  • Invitation (repeated) to join us Sundays for “Zoomunion

Conversation 7: "Personal Fruitfulness"

When our entire Christian life is evaluated through the lens of evangelism, theology, lifestyle, and perceptions become skewed. Our next “conversation” examines John 15. What is the “fruit” Jesus refers to? Is it possible we’ve mistaught the passage? The consequences are serious.

Leadership Book Reviews, by Malcolm Cox

I believe Challenging Leaders is a crucial read for anyone interested in promoting a healthy and nurturing environment within their religious community. It is of particular significance for church trustees and boards as well as leadership teams.

This eye-opening book calls for positive change, and provides valuable insights on building accountable and caring relationships between leaders and their congregations.


Hwa Yung's Leadership or Servanthood? is one of the most challenging and inspiring books I’ve read for some time.
The book confronts the prevailing leadership paradigm in many Christian circles, advocating for a focus on servanthood instead. However, it promotes the idea of "leading servants" rather than "servant leaders."

Hwa Yung rejects the typical hierarchical approach to leadership and calls for a collaborative and shared leadership model, which is more effective in nurturing a supportive and united church community.


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Until next week...

Tomorrow I head to the States—a family visit (Florida). I’ll also be in Denver visiting friends and attending the graduation of our students at the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry & Theology. There’s also a quick trip to Athens, Georgia.

I’m also in the midst of renewing my visa for the UK, which will allow me to remain until the beginning of 2026. A lot of paperwork! And next month we’re relocating to England. This is to be closer to Vicki’s mother, who in a few days enters her 90th year—currently we’re nearly 3 hours away; this will put us only 30 minutes away. We feel strongly that putting family first is the right move (1 Tim 5:8). Thanks for your prayers.

Your brother,