IBTM newsletter for 5 April 2023

Good morning from Cornwall (Southwest England)!

We’re taking a week off work to enjoy a truly stunning part of the country. The region is famous for its tin, pirates, surfing, pasties (but not pixies), and much more. Somehow, although it’s my 12th year living in Great Britain, it’s my first visit here—and it’s refreshing.

In today’s edition, three offerings have been provided to help us to think about faith and dig deeper into the Bible:

  • Prophets False & True, part 1 (iFaith)
  • When were Christians first called “intolerant”?
  • A new ministry: The Jesus Peace Collective

Prophets False & True

The Bible has a lot to say about prophets. For example, in addition to the 15 canonical prophets (Isaiah to Malachi), there are many more, like Elijah, Elisha, and Huldah. But did you know that the false prophets almost always outnumber the true? Or that the early church considered prophets “false” even if they were teaching the truth—if they weren’t living by it? For the spiritual health of God’s people, humbly receiving prophetic challenge is crucial!

The Jesus Peace Collective

What did Jesus and his apostles teach about relating to our enemies? Has the church forgotten our Lord’s mandate (Matthew 5:38-48)? An important ministry launches today, one I’m happy to be connected with. It’s the Jesus Peace Collective.

Jesus Peace Collective is a diverse and ecumenical group of like-minded Jesus-followers committed to living and spreading the nonviolent, active peacemaking teachings of Jesus and the early church.

To subscribe to the newsletter of the Jesus Peace Collective, click here.


When Were Christians First Regarded as Intolerant “Haters”?

That’s a great question—especially in our day, when so many Christians and their leaders are bending over backwards in order not to offend anyone. Click the link above for the thought-provoking article by theologian Michael Kruger.

April Events

  • Apr 2—Sunday pm sermon, John 5:30-47—UK group
  • Apr 9—Sunday Easter sermon—UK group
  • Apr 16—Sunday am sermon, Edinburgh Church of Christ
  • Apr 16—Sunday pm sermon, John 6:1-24—UK group
  • April 20—Jesus Peace Collective, Super Hub—online
  • Apr 23—Sunday pm sermon, John 6:25-71—UK group
  • Apr 25-26—Writing session—Brampton, England
  • Apr 28-30—Teaching weekend—Oslo, Norway
  • Apr 30—Sunday pm sermon, John 7:1-52—UK group


Good-bye from beautiful Cornwall. And thanks for all your prayers!

In Him,