A debate addressing the historical identity of Jesus between Dr. Douglas Jacoby and Dr. Robert Price, of the Jesus Seminar, took place Saturday June 13, 2009, at Houston Baptist Seminary.

Click to download the pdf. This is the 5th Jacoby debate.

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Read the REPORT by Dr John Oakes. 



UPDATE 23 April 2009:

Hello All,

I'm excited to announce that the debate is also being advertised on the Texas Secular Network, which links all atheist, agnostic and humanist groups in Texas. Also, the debate is being advertised on 89.3 KSBJ on their events calendar. Finally, I've been in contact with Blair Scott, the National Affiliate Director, American Atheists about our event. He informed me today that he will be sending correspondence to all of their local chapters in Texas, especially the Houston area. I will give everyone updates on additional advertisements.

Kedron Jones
Apologetics Research Society