Advanced Christian Training (1986)
Till the Nets are Full (formerly Shining Like Stars). Also available in Vietnamese.
The Powerful Delusion (1987)
I Was Hungry! The Christian Response to Poverty (1987, 1988)
True and Reasonable: Reasons for Faith in an Age of Doubt (1988, 1994, 1999, 2005). Also available in Russian, French, Vietnamese, and Spanish.
The Spirit: The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Lives of Disciples (1998, 2005). Also available in Spanish.
Equipping the Members (doctoral dissertation) (1999)
Q&A: Answers to Bible Questions You Have Asked (2001)
Q&A II: More Answers to Bible Questions You Have Asked (2002)
Genesis, Science, and History (1997, 2004)
Foundations for Faith: Old Testament Survey (2004)
The Faith Unfurled: New Testament Survey (2005)
The Quiver (2005, 2007). Also available in Spanish (La Aljaba, 2010), and Portuguese (A Aljava, 2013). Republished as Principle-Centered Parenting (2017)
The Letters of James, Peter, John, Jude (1995, 2006). Also available in Chinese.
The Ultimate Bible Quiz Book (2008, 2011)
Jesus and Islam (2009)
Compelling Evidence for God & the Bible (2010)
The Ultimate Bible Quiz Book (2011)
Your Bible Questions Answered (2011)
The Quick Bible Overview: How All the Pieces Fit Together (2012)
Mormonism (with John Oakes) (2012)
What Happens After We Die? (2012)
What About Heaven and Hell? (2013)
Chariots of Fire (2014)
Campus Core (2016)
Answering Skeptics (2016)

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Audio & DVD Sets
The Spirit: How the Holy Spirit Works in the Lives of Disciples (1998)
Adventures in Apologetics (2000) (DVD)
The Wisdom Literature (2004)
Foundations for Faith: Old Testament Survey (2004)
From Facts to Faith: Evidences in Defense of the Faith (2005)
The Faith Unfurled: New Testament Survey (2005)
How We Got the Bible (2005)
The Psalms (2005)
What Happens After We Die? (2006)
The Lost Books of the Bible (2006)
Revelation & the End of the World (2006)
Anchored for Life: Faith Without Compromise (2006)
New Testament Leadership: Preachers, Teachers, Elders, Servants (2007)
1-2 Timothy & Titus: Culture, Conformity, or Conviction (2007)
Take AIM! (DVD set) (recorded 2004/2005 and again 2007/2009)
The Quiver: Christian Parenting in a Non-Christian World (2007)
Who Is My Brother? (2006 International Teachers' Seminar, 2007)
Does God Exist? - debate with Michael Shermer (2007) (DVD)
Understanding Islam (2007) (DVD)
Friend or Foe? (2007) (DVD)
The True Legacy of Abraham - Debate with Shmuley Boteach and Shabir Ally (2008) (DVD)
Egypt in the Bible (2008 International Teachers' Seminar)
Thy Kingdom Come! (2008)
Early Church History (2008)
Baptism: The Water that Divides, University of Georgia (2009)
Evolution & Creation - 2nd debate with Michael Shermer, University of Florida  (2009)
Judaism & Christianity: Which is the Religion of Peace? - 2nd debate with Shmuley Boteach and Elie Abadie (2009)
Jesus: Man, Myth, or Messiah? (2010) - debate with Robert Price at Houston Baptist University
Back from the Edge: A Study of Hebrews (2010)
The Lion has Roared: An Exposition of Amos (2011)
Christianity & the Paranormal (ARS Evidences Conference) (2011)
Night of Redemption: A Study of Exodus (2011)
Is Christianity Rational? - debate with Robert Brotherus, Helsinki (2012)
Christianity: Why or Why Not? - Dialogue with Michael Shermer at UCLC (2012)

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