Here are a podcast and notes on Islam A (11 minutes).

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LESSON 4: ISLAM A (Basics)

  1. 622 AD
  2. Muhammad
  3. Qur'an (Koran) -- plus the traditions in the tens of thousands of Hadith, stories and words of Muhammad written down later by his companions. (Podcasts C, D, E introduce us to these traditions.)
  4. Indonesia, India, the Middle East, North Africa, and many other nations
  5. Branches of Islam
    1. Sunnis (1 billion+): live by the sayings, deeds, and customs of Muhammad.
    2. Shias (100m+): believe Muhammad's family were his rightful successors.
    3. Sufis (?): mystics, meditating on Allah through asceticism and prayers. A movement within both Sunnis and Shias.
    4. Wahabis / Salafists (20m): follow earliest Islamic traditions; strict Sunnis; Saudi Arabia.
    5. Ismailis (15m): relaxed about the rules; disagree with other Shias about succession.
    6. Alevis (10m): Turkish Shi'ite mystics downplaying formal rituals and stressing sexual equality.
    7. Ahmaddiyas (4m): viewed as heretics by all mainstream Muslims. Follow a 19th-century Indian Muslim revivalist. Some off views (e.g. about Jesus). Strong in Pakistan. Oppressed.
    8. Alwawites (3m): Offshoot of Ismailis, with some rites similar to Christian practices. Syrian rulers.

The 5 Pillars of Islam

  • Confession
  • Prayer
  • Almsgiving
  • Fasting
  • Pilgrimage

Outreach tips for Muslims

  1. Friendship is of the essence!
  2. Learn about the Qur'an. Read a book on Islam.
  3. Muslims are 25% of the planet; we cannot and must not remain ignorant about their faith. Let's engage!
  4. Check out this blog.
  5. Listen to Nabeel Qureshi.
  6. Check out the SALT blog.

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