The Newsletter of IBTM
with Douglas Jacoby

Good afternoon from Carlisle (see pin in map)! I’m sending this week’s bulletin from a train bound for Scotland. How amazing—what technology allows us to do these days! Our grandparents would never have believed it. I’m not sure even we would believe what is now possible, if we were told 20 years ago!

Today’s newsletter has just two offerings. To begin with, have you ever entertained any of these thoughts?

  • "Am I no longer a Christian if I stop attending my church?"
  • “We’ve considered a new fellowship, but what if their doctrine is wrong? Can we join a fellowship not fully following the Bible?”
  • “And what about our children? I’m afraid the kids will be hurt if we move.”
  • “We’ve invested too many years here. It’s unbelievably painful to contemplate ever leaving.”

These are things we regularly hear from those disillusioned with their local church situation. And they motivated us to record our next two “Conversations.” Our purpose is not to persuade anyone to give up on their church, but to think biblically—to acquire the perspective and faith required to remain anchored in the Word.

This newsletter features just one other item. It’s on the core beliefs of the transgender movement. Surely this is a topic about which no thinking Christian can afford to be ignorant.


Hopefully, none of us needs to leave his or her church. We try to work things out, and to bear with one another. But sometimes, despite all our best efforts, it simply doesn’t work out. If this topic is important to you, CLICK HERE.

If you want even more material, besides Conversations 11 and 12, the following may be of interest:


The transgender revolution is sweeping our world. Deeper understanding requires us to consider the core beliefs that underlie and empower it.

To read about 3 fundamental tenets of this highly influential movement, click HERE. Article by Samuel D. Ferguson. See also:

Love Covers Over: A Guide for Christian Parents Raising Kids in an LGBTQ+ World (Ellen Radcliff of SIW Ministries), forthcoming


That’s all for now. Vicki just got back from Norway (a women’s retreat). Tomorrow I head to the States. Next week’s newsletter will go out from San Antonio, where I’m attending a number of conferences. Thanks for your prayers. — Douglas