60 Minutes interview with a former terrorist recruiter who has given it up. Here is what he said (a 10-minute excerpt from the show):

Bob Simon: "The position of moderate Muslims is that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Do you buy that?"

Hassan: "No, absolutely not. By completely being in denial about it's like an alcoholic basically. Unless an alcoholic acknowledges that he has a problem with alcohol, he's never gonna be able to go forward. And as long as we, as Muslims, do not acknowledge that there is a violent streak in Islam, unless we acknowledge that, then we are gonna always lose the battle to the militants, by being in complete denial about it."

The full transcript is available through the following link. If you would like to learn more about Islam, please see The Muslim Challenge. This is a 4-CD audio series (released a few weeks ago), and includes a complete copy of the Qur'an. Click here if you are interested.