The theme of the 2013 International Teachers' Seminar is 4-Dimensional Bible Study: How History, Geography, Archaeology, and Culture Bring the Scriptures to Life.

The Bible is a story in four dimensions. It takes place in both space (three dimensions) and time (one). Although the Bible incorporates many genres of literature, including figurative language and poetry, it is a true and epic story of creation, fall, and redemption. And since God’s storyline is anchored in space and time, history and geography are not extraneous to the plot, for apart from them it is impossible to understand the way the pieces of the story fit together.
Want to know about the ancient writers Paul was quoting in his Areopagus speech? Interested in the religious spectrum of Corinth (including its charismatic movement and its fascination with sex)? Did you know that five letters to the Corinthians have survived, as well as five to the Ephesians? Want to learn what happened in Ephesus in 431 AD? (Mary became the "mother of God.") Puzzled by chronology -- would you like to know the current thinking on how the epistles fit with Acts? 

Would you enjoy hearing from mature believers who have researched areas like these? Want to turbocharge your understanding of the 51 New Testament chapters that our tour will illuminate? In the ITS we will take your study a level or two deeper than the concurrent Biblical Study Tour, during which it takes place, connecting the lessons with the various locations we will visit on the tour (and also the pre- and post-tours). You will learn things you'd probably never hear in church.

The Teachers Service Team will lead and teach most of the classes. The purpose of the four ITS sessions will be to fortify our knowledge of God's word through a special focus on history, archaeology, and cultural issues. The goal is more than visual familiarity with the many biblical locations the BST will take in. The goal is to delve into the background, discuss application of the principles in all the biblical documents (Acts 17-20, Ephesians, etc) and other early Christian literature (like the letters of Ignatius),and learn how to make practical connections to enhance our teaching, evangelism, and counseling. (Not for the faint of heart!)

Teachers include Ed & Deb Anton (Hampton Roads), Joey Harris (Augusta), Glenn Giles (Denver), Douglas & Vicki Jacoby (Atlanta), Steve Brown (Rio Grande), David Bercot (Harrisburg), and Steve Kinnard (New York). Most of our wives will be joining, as well (we are very encouraged).

The 17 previous International Teachers' Seminars have been held in London, Jerusalem,  Atlanta, Paris, Berlin/Wittenberg, Athens, Washington DC, Chicago, and Rome. As you know, the 2013 ITS will be taking place during several of the free windows of the BST. For reference, here is the BST schedule, from the TOUR page at Douglas Jacoby's website:



Who may attend? Anyone who has the interest is welcome to participate, whether or not you are recognized as a Bible teacher in your congregation. Men and women, young and old -- the event is for all disciples who are willing to push themselves. Please consider joining us this October in Athens and Ephesus!

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