Maybe you are like most church leaders in North America - you are confused about what is meant by the expression "discipleship".
Is it a class? Is it Bible study? Is it Scripture memorization? When people talk about discipleship that is what a lot of them mean. It is an unfortunate problem to overcome.
As Jason Dukes puts it, "Jesus invited His first followers along to learn the Gospel of the Kingdom with Him by serving and eating and relating together." That doesn’t sound like a mere class or Bible study to me!
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At Discipleship·org we are like the Chamber of Commerce for disciple making organizations, but instead of organizing businesses, we aggregate disciple-making partners who agree that Jesus-style disciple making was much more relational and diverse than just the transfer of information. It was life on life and heart to heart.
Jason Dukes wants to help you to better understand what it looks like to practice Jesus-style disciple making in your context. His eBook (and webinar below) will lead you to become more like Jesus. Also, what you learn will be a wonderful gift for those you are discipling. You will be able to help them to experience more of God’s Kingdom life and, through the process, to become more like Jesus.
I hope you will download the free eBook or join the conversation in the Free Webinar this coming Thursday at 5PM Central Time—or both!
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Also, check out Jason's free eBook here.
For Jesus' Kingdom,
Bobby Harrington
Executive Director,
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