Here are a lesson and notes on Hebrews: Bridge between the Testaments (50 minutes).

Bridging books

  • There are several books in the NT that intimate connect with the OT, like Matthew, Colossians, yet
  • The books that best illuminate the gospel in the light of the OT are Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews.


  • The new covenant is superior to the old covenant in every way. (I find 13 points of contrast -- see how many you can locate.)
  • Jesus fulfills the Law. Therefore
  • We lose our salvation if we turn our backs on Jesus. Don't drift back to the old religion (2:1)!

Jesus is not just superior, but supreme

  • PROPHETS -- God’s revelation through his Son (1:1-4) means that he is superior to the prophets.
  • ANGELS -- Jesus superior to the angels (1:5-2:18). See also Colossians 2:14-3:1.
  • MOSES -- Jesus superior to Moses (3:1-19). See also Deuteronomy 18:15-19.
  • JOSHUA -- Jesus superior to Joshua (4:1-13)
  • PRIESTHOOD -- Jesus superior to the OT priests (4:14-9:14).
    • Superior sacrifice, offered through
    • A superior priesthood -- in the order of Melchizedek (Genesis 14, Psalm 110)
      • Combining priest in king
      • King in Zion / Salem (Jerusalem)
      • Bread and wine
      • Superior to Abraham
      • Not Jewish -- outside the system


  • Through Hebrews we understand the relationship between the covenants:
    • The first covenant was to be superseded by the other, because,
    • Even though the way of Moses was good (and anticipated, paralleled, and was fulfilled in the way of Christ),
    • The first testament was inferior to the second.
  • Yet the point is not simply that the way of Christ is superior to the law of Moses, but that in every way Jesus Christ is supreme.

Further study