Here is a podcast on Questions on Genesis (33 minutes).

The questions have been selected from Your Bible Questions Answered, chapter 4 (Genesis).
To readchapter 1 (General Questions About the Whole Bible) for free, or to order the book, ORDER HERE.

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12 questions are covered in this podcast. (The chapter has 27 questions and answers in all.)

  • When was the earth created? Does the Bible tell us how old the world is?
  • Is the Big Bang Theory compatible with the Bible?
  • Was the world made in seven literal days?
  • Are evolution and the Bible compatible?
  • Did Adam have a belly button?
  • Was Eve made from Adam's rib? If so, does this support make chauvinism?
  • Who was Cain afraid of? Who was his wife?
  • Did ancient humans really live for hundreds of years?
  • Who were the Nephilim?
  • Is there geological evidence for a global flood?
  • Where is Noah's Ark? Did it survive?
  • Is there archaeological evidence for the Tower of Babel?