3 May 2023
IBTM Newsletter

Good evening! Vicki and I are back from a highly encouraging teaching weekend in Oslo. We really love Scandinavia, probably because we lived there for three years and feel we have a lot in common with Europeans (esp. since Vicki isone). This was my 11th trip to beautiful Norway (fjords, sea, architecture [see the modern opera house, R], mountains, the arctic). Besides fellowship, teaching, and exploring the capital city, there was an extra bonus: an early May snowfall, as we headed to the airport. We are already looking forward to our return journey in September.

In June and December IBTM is sending our colleagues in the teaching ministry Malcolm Cox and Andy Boakye to Oslo.

In today’s bulletin, we continue an exploration of bioethical issues, and also offer the final video message in the iFaith Sermon on the Mount series.

Gender Dysphoria (& Reassignment?)

The following paper was written by a professional scientist who is also a Bible believer. Once you’ve read it, if you have questions, you may want to pursue further study at the bioethics website. Another great resource is the Trinity Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, which may be found here.

If you missed the series introduction last week, please click here before continuing. Thank you. — DJ

“The Scottish Council on Human Bioethics recognises that discussions relating to gender reassignment are very sensitive in nature; a lot of compassion and understanding are necessary. However, because of the importance of the subject, we believe positions should not be based on emotions or subjective inclinations but rather built on informed, evidence-based research.

“We also recognise that very rare but genuine intersex conditions exist, in which different parts of a person’s body may manifest different biological sexes. Thus, mismatches may occur between the chromosomal sex, the anatomical and physiological sex, the production of sexual hormones, as well as the biological brain sex of individuals which may give rise to gender dysphoria.

“Such mismatches, which require further research, should be examined on a case-by-case basis with a lot of sympathy. However, the SCHB remains deeply concerned about the possibility…” CONTINUE READING

Next week: Assisted Suicide

iFaith Sermon on the Mount Z: “Wow!”

The iFaith Sermon on the Mount series is complete, with lesson Z (nothing to do with zombies) now recorded. The name of the final lesson is “Wow,” for reasons you’ll understand as you watch this short video message (7 minutes).


Next week we’ll share a link for the audio-only version of the Sermon on the Mount iFaith series.

May-June Calendar

28 April-1 May—teaching weekend, Oslo, Norway
6 May—Athens Institute (mainland US): New Testament Interpretation
7, 14, 21, 28 May —Sunday 7pm UK time: John series (Zoom)
8-15 May—David & Deborah Bercot visit
26-28 May—teaching weekend in Madrid, Spain
4-10 June—Global Smyrna Meeting, Izmir, Turkey
10-13 June—Colossae, Miletus, Hierapolis, Pisidian Antioch… (Turkey)
24 June—AIM UK-Ireland: Old Testament Interpretation
25 June—Sunday service, Watford, England

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Have a great week! We hope the newsletter was helpful and stimulating.

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