A Gift from me to you with thanks

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My heart is filled with gratitude

I use the opportunity today to offer every one of you loyal subscribers a small token of my gratitude for your support over the last four years, but especially the past few months. I recognize that your demanding schedules dictate the frequency with which you can read these blogs or even share them with others. I understand. What matters to me is that you have all been a part of a community that has given me a space to share, encourage and even grieve.

This free booklet is my gift to you. It is a compilation of the recent mini-series on listening but has been adapted in parts to make it more suitable for this purpose. I have also included a Foreword and an Introduction to set up the week of reflections. For those who tune in every week, you will recognize a lot of the content between Day 1 and Day 7. Feel free to read it again in a span of 7 days rather than what was originally 7 weeks. If you are part of a WhatsApp group or are otherwise connected with family, friends and co-workers who you believe will find value in these reflections, do consider sending this devotional series to them. It is for free distribution to as many people as you wish.

I hope that this one-week journey reaches you in a deep and meaningful way and that it inspires an increasing desire for inner wholeness.

With love and thanks,


September 7, 2023.