With 10 U.S. states allowing recreational use and 33 legalizing the medical use of cannabis, it is important for Christians to know how Jesus' teachings apply to the use of this drug.

Is the recreational use of marijuana okay, biblically speaking? What if a doctor suggests medical cannabis to you as a treatment? How should we answer those seeking the wisdom of Jesus on the these vital questions? Check out our free eBook on marijuana available from Renew.org.

Dr. Sasha Noe is the leading expert in North America on medical cannabis and currently the only one to have a doctorate degree in this very subject. She shares a bit about her own testimony and how we can think critically about this current topic in Marijuana and the BibleClick Here to View this eBook.

We released a new podcast this week featuring an interview between the authors of Marijuana and the Bible. If you haven't heard them all take this opportunity to subscribe and listen to the Renew Church Leaders PodcastClick Here to Listen.

For King Jesus,
Jason Henderson