Here you will find a podcast plus notes on Fathers' Day & Mothers' Day (12 minutes).

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Purpose: How can we think theologically about Fathers' Day and Mothers' Day? The purpose of this podcast, one of 12 in the Special Days series, is to enable us to experience these days through eyes of faith, rather than seeing the days come and go without any biblical reflection on our part.


  • Fathers' Day in the US goes back to 1908, or 1966, or 1972, depending on which date you consider the actual origin.
  • Mothers' Day goes back to 1870 (organized by bereaved mothers of the American Civil War), although this did not become a national holiday till 1914 (under Woodrow Wilson).


  • Exodus 20:12 (the 5th commandment)
    • Judaism honored women far beyond the ethos of the day. "Honor your father and your mother."
    • The biblical command to honor them is not to be gauged to how worthy of respect they are; honor should be shown regardless!
  • Ephesians 6:1-3, Colossians 3:20 (obeying parents).
    • Even Christians needs reminders to honor their parents.
    • This is an integral part of our own well-being. Thus kindness to one's own parents has a reflexive quality.
  • Matthew 15:1-9, Mark 7:6-13 -- Corban (offering) as a substitute for honoring parents year-round.
    • Am I willing to actively love my parents consistently, including the final years of their lives when they are more needy? Might I be relegating them to an institution?
    • Is the import of these days commercial, or relational?


  • As a means of honoring one’s parents, these traditions are wholesome.
  • We ought to be wary of the twin evils of compartmentalizing -- honoring them one day a year, dishonoring them the rest of the year -- and the commercialization of these days.