One of the favorite activities the Jacobys have enjoyed in family devotional time is a guessing game. Although we have several variations on the game, I would like to describe one of the simplest.

One parent takes a stack of 20 or 30 index cards, or scraps of paper, and writes the name of a Bible character on one side. This devotional game also requires some tape, or a pin. Only the one parent knows the names. Names may include Adam, Moses, or Mary. Sometimes we even use the Holy Spirit or Satan!

The first child stands up, and the parent attaches the card to his or her back. Although the child cannot see what it says, all the others in the room can. The child asks yes/no questions until he can figure out who he is. Some good questions might be "Am I in the Old Testament only?" "Am I female?" "Am I one of the twelve disciples?" etc.

Each person gets a turn. In the more competitive version, you can time the children to see who us able to figure out his identity fastest, but we normally play with less pressure. The goal is to have fun, to help the kids relate to the Bible, and to acquaint them with biblical characters. The children also love seeing their father or mother have to play the guessing game, presumably with a more difficult character. But remember: if the character is so obscure that the 'audience' is unfamiliar with it, they will not unable to answer the yes/no questions. (Obviously, the one who wrote the names will always be available to help.)

With younger children, give them hints. Don't let them struggle for long -- guide them to victory. Have fun!