During the month of April [2005] Vicki and I are writing a book on parenting.

This new work will cover principles, not just practicals, and Bible stories, not just personal stories. Most of the content has now been produced, and we are in the process of shaping the amorphous mass into a coherent whole.

Topics include (but are not necessarily limited to):
* Building character in children.
* The purpose of a school education.
* Scaling back and resisting consumerism.
* The effect of television and media on kids, and what we can do.
* The "woman's role."
* Examples of biblical parenting often missed.
* Adoption and issues surrounding adoption.
* Holidays and vacations.
* Chores and allowances.
* The importance of family meals.
* Family traditions.
* Respect issues.
* Children and their "quiet times."
* Proverbs 22:6 reconsidered.
* Separating "purpose" from "mission" as parents.
* Moving house.
* Generosity and gratitude.
* Helpful books, magazines, and websites for parenting.
* Staying in touch with family when you're traveling away from home
* When are kids ready to become Christians?
* Coping with adolescence.

If you have a suggestion for a title for the new book, please share it with us. We would be most appreciative. (And if your suggestion is selected, we will mail you the first copy of the new book.) Thank you.

Note: The eventual title selected was The Quiver. The book was published in late 2005; the revised edition in 2007.