In our part of the United States, school resumed on August 8th. In other parts of the country, children will not return until early September. This is a "back-to-school devotional," one which we did with our entire family the day before school started. Note: If some of the children present are under 8, you will need to adapt the material.

Opening question: Which was your favorite year (grade) in school, and why?

Brief scripture: Acts 19:9. What were the people doing? They were talking, discussing. Teaching and discussion are how we learn. This devo is about having a learner's attitude. Can you think of any great students/learners in the Bible?

The attitude of a learner is seen in Jesus. Read Luke 2 -- notice the respectful way in which he interacted with the elders, and the respectful way in which he answered his parents. How could he have interacted?) Thus it is no surprise that as an adult, now that he has grown up, he is still respectful and gentle as a teacher. Matthew 11:29.

The second person we will look at it is Daniel. Imagine what it was like to be taken from your native country, have your name taken away, and forced to learn a foreign language and culture. Study parts of Daniel 1. Notice how he speaks when he disagreed with the 'rules' and asked permission to be exempted. Daniel did not want to compromise the law of God (the kosher rules). Kids will not understand or agree with every rule at school, or find it easy to respect all teachers equally, but still we must be respectful. Further respectful interactions are seen in 2:12-16 and 6:3ff. (Study both passages).

1. Exodus 23:2 -- do not follow the crowd in doing wrong, giving in to peer pressure. How does this relate to your school situation?
2. Ecclesiastes 9:10 -- do your best, whatever you do. How should we as students aim to do academically? If we are wholehearted, then whatever grades we get will be pleasing in the Lord's sight.
3. 1 Peter 2:11-12 -- Be above criticism. Others are watching, and your behavior may win them over.

Personalize the applications to your children. There should be plenty of discussion, regardless of which grade they are in.

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