The Fall of Rome

And Why We Should Take Notice

Why did Rome (753 BC - AD 476) fall?  Was it due to external circumstances (barbarian invasion, famine, plague, etc), or to internal ones? We in the West ought to take notice. This podcast (30 minutes) encourages us to think critically about Rome -- her strengths and weaknesses alike -- and the many obvious parallels with our own society.


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Symptoms of a sick society:

Note: many of these symptoms were identified by Englishman Edward Gibbon, who penned his famous The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-89).

Some scriptures referred to:

Other ancient texts predict the fall of Rome on account of her immorality and luxurious lifestyle, such as Aelius Aristides, Oratio 26 [155 AD] and Sibylline Oracles 8:113-119 [175 AD]).

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