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  • Challenges to evangelism
    • Apostles now gone – tendency to get more and more involved in disputes
    • Persecution: from Jewish to Roman
    • False teachers (Marcionites, Gnostics, Montanists)
    • Evolving priesthood (spectator shift)
  • Success!
    • Other nations, but little work outside the bounds of the Roman Empire.
    • Church of the East (per comments in previous podcast)
    • Continued to reach all strata of society (women, slaves – who even served in leadership, and intellectuals – like Justin Martyr)
    • The martyrs greatly inspired others.
    • By 200, up to 1-3% (my guess). By 300, perhaps 10% of Empire.
    • Learn more about this from the main AIM Church History series (2000 years in under 10 hours) and the Early Church History set (about 7 hours).


  • We can't always imitate their methods, or recreate the culture of the first 2 centuries, but we can imitate their faith.
    • As in 1 Corinthians 11:1, imitation relates to following Christ, not necessarily methods…
    • As Tertullian put it, around 200 AD, “The blood of the martyrs is seed.”
    • They spoke out, because they believed they had something worth sharing.