Lessons Learned From Mars Hill - The Stories We Tell

Written by John Teal, March 12, 2022

The Common Grounds Unity podcast is now in season two! Our co-hosts, Kevin Withem and Tina Bruner, are kicking off this season with a series titled "Lessons Learned from Mars Hill," and our 55th episode, "The Stories We Tell," is now available - click the link to listen. Our panelists for this discussion are Dr. Alicia Crumpton, Ben Brewster, and Kevin Holland. Our goal is to discuss themes arising from Christianity Today's "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast."We intend to discuss some common issues that may arise within congregational life and leadership cultures. We recognize the Mars Hill story as an extreme example of what can happen. We also understand there is a broad spectrum between healthy congregations or leadership cultures - and those which are toxic. Moreover, we acknowledge the various degrees of experiences; some are more extreme and others more subtle or nuanced. All in all, we wish to address some common threats to healthy congregational life and unity within the body of Christ.We have designed these episodes to be forward-looking, positive, and practical. In each episode, we will discuss the topic or problem, explore how it might relate to our shared heritage, and focus on Christ-centered solutions toward spiritual health and well-being. We pray this series will be a blessing and a tool that moves us all toward congregational cultures of grace, mercy, and shalom!