Douglas Jacoby Resume

Born: 13 August 1959, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
Marriage: 17 August 1985 to Victoria Gibbs; three adult children
Residence: Marietta, GA



1971-77:  The Ranney School, Tinton Falls, New Jersey: Valedictorian, Boy Scouts of America (Eagle Scout), Mathematics Honor Society, National Latin Honor Society, Football team, Yearbook Literary Editor, School Magazine Sports Editor, Episcopal Young Churchmen, Drama Club, President of Latin Club.

1977-80:  Duke University, Durham, NC: Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship, B.A. (History).

1980:  Oxford University, Oxford, England (New College): summer course in British Political History, in conjunction with A. B. Duke Scholarship.

1980-82:  Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts: M.T.S. in New Testament, chaplain for local hospital, player in local children’s theater group.

1982-85:  University of London (King’s College, Department of Biblical Studies): postgraduate study in New Testament.

1989-92:  Swedish language tutorial (private study).

1996-99:  Drew University, Madison, New Jersey: D.Min. degree.



1975-76: Counselor, Boy Scouts of America. Camp located in Catskill Mountains of New York.

1977: Food service, Great Adventure Amusement Park, Jackson, NJ.

1977-80: Duke University Department of Mathematics, Teaching Assistant

1979: Research Triangle Park, NC: collegiate summer program, medium industrial work in consignment shipping.

1980-82: Secretarial work, Kelly Services (shorthand, typing, etc), Boston area.

1981: Harvard Law School, custodial work.

1982: University of London Senate House, secretary, Finance Department.

1983: Ministerial internship program in Central London Church of Christ. Beginning of 20-year employment with the Churches of Christ (and later International Churches of Christ)

1983-2003: Ministerial work within the International Churches of Christ.

1983-89:  London. Appointed evangelist, 1985.

1989-92:  Stockholm. Oversaw churches in Sweden, Denmark, Finland.

1992-93:  Philadelphia. Campus ministry. Recognized as International Teacher, 1993.

1993-94:  Washington DC. Campus ministry.

1994-96:  London. Churches in London, Manchester, Dublin.

1996-2002:  Washington DC. Director of Education for British Commonwealth, 1999.

2002-03:  Sydney, Australia. Teacher and Ministry Consultant.

2003+:  Teaching Consultant, T&R, Inc; principal, Athens Institute of Ministry; Director, Biblical Study Tour; preaching, debating, and podcasting; Professor of Theology & Apologetics at the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology; Adjunct Professor in Bible and Theology at Lincoln Christian University; work in 126 nations to date.

Director, International Teachers’ Seminar:

1995—London, UK
1996—London, UK
1997—London, UK
1998—Herzliya, Israel
1999—Jerusalem, Israel
2000—Paris, France
2001—Berlin, Germany
2002—Athens, Greece
2003—Chicago, USA
2004—Rome, Italy
2005—Athens, Greece
2006—Washington, DC
2007—Ephesus, Turkey
2009—Atlanta, USA
2013—Ephesus, Turkey

Director, Biblical Study Tour:

2001—Wittenburg & Berlin
2002—Athens & Corinth
2003—Chicago & Wheaton
2004—Rome & Pompeii
2005—Athens, Corinth, Delphi
2006—Washington DC
2008—Egypt, Israel, Jordan
2009—Rome & Pompeii
2010—London & Oxford
2011—Israel & Jordan
2013—Athens & Ephesus
2014—Rome & Pompeii
2015—Wittenberg, Zurich, Geneva
2019—Israel (3 tours)
2022—Malta, Sicily, Italy 


Greek (6 years), Latin (5 years), Swedish (3 years), Hebrew (2 years), Spanish (2 years)



2000-21—Member, American Association of Christian Counselors
2005-21—Member, American Scientific Affiliation
2020-21— Member, Christians in Science (UK)
2009-21—Advisory Board, Strength in Weakness Ministries
2009-21—Member, Biblical Archaeology Society
2009-21—Member, Evangelical Philosophical Society
2010-21—Member, Society of Biblical Literature
2020-21—Editorial Board, Teleios journal

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