9 August 2023 
IBTM Bulletin

Good evening from Edinburgh!

I returned from the US yesterday—a family visit to Florida, an RMSMT graduation in Denver, and Sunday (sermon) in Athens, Georgia. This week’s items:

  • A challenging sermon
  • Request for tuition assistance
  • Invitation to AIM Spiritual Life (this weekend)

Douglas Challenges the ICOC

Three days ago, in Athens, Georgia, I preached a no-holds-barred message from Acts 2:42. While I suppose some might consider this sermon too critical of my own church denomination, it was well received by the audience, and (so far) by including those viewing online, too. You can access it in audio (mp3) or video (mp4) format. CLICK HERE.

An even stronger challenge appears in my little 2022 book, Ezekiel’s Challenge for Today’s Church: Calling Out the People of God.

Special Need

This ministry is seeking donations for PhD tuition and expenses for Nigerian teacher Fred George, for tuition and expenses at Stellenbosch University in South Africa (2023-2025). His local church have granted him a leave of absence, but (sadly) not funding for the degree. Total need: $26,607. Received so far: $3000.

Fred is a talented teacher in the Lagos Christian Church (where I’ve spoken many times), and previously one of my masters students at Lincoln Christian University. This is a worthy cause! If you’re in a position to help, please contact Douglas at drdajacoby@post.harvard.edu. Donations will be tax deductible (US only). Thank you.

Spiritual Life

What are you doing this coming Saturday? Please consider an investment in your spiritual life. Join the next course of the Athens Institute.

Watch the promotional video at https://www.athensinstitute.org. (Scroll down to the video.) You can also pay at this page. ($75—normally $199—a 62% discount!)


Our next live course for the 2023 Cohort is AIM Spiritual Life (included at an 62% discount in the AIM Counseling Module), which runs August 12, 2023—October 7, 2023.

The Bible places far more emphasis on who we are inside than how we behave or appear to others. We have all seen too many people we know fall, not rebounding but remaining fallen, due to a weak walk with the Lord—while others continue to go forward to do great things despite formidable obstacles.

Are you looking to strengthen your relationship with God and deepen your understanding of Christian spirituality? Look no further than the AIM Spiritual Life Course, an online course designed to enhance and guide your spiritual journey.

The 8-week long course covers character, sexual issues, financial responsibility (guest speaker), spiritual disciplines such as fasting, prayer, meditation, scripture, devotional reading, and so much more—the secret of mirroring Christ's character: the inner spiritual life.

AIM Spiritual Life begins with a live kickoff Session via Zoom (12 August) and will continue asynchronously online for the rest of the course. Each week video lectures, readings, and opportunities to interact with others online are provided; you can work at your own pace, but typically 2 to 4 hours per week is needed.

Teachers include [on video]: Douglas Jacoby, Joey Harris, Fred Faller, Arturo Elizarraras, Greg Garcia, Tom and Sheila Jones, and [live]: Jim and Lindsay Long.

At our kickoff live session on Saturday, August 12, 2023 from 9:15am-1:00pm ET you will learn from experienced spiritual directors Jim and Lindsay Long and engage in interactive exercises to help you apply these practices to your daily life. Join our worldwide community of learners and experience the transformative power of Christian spirituality. This session will be recorded and made available for all course participants. Special Promotional Price: US$75

Guest speakers: Jim & Lindsay Long

  • Class 1—Stages of Faith: The C.H.R.I.S.T. Stages + Q&A
  • Class 2—Spiritual Practices for Every Stage + group reflection
  • Class 3—How to Live One Day With Jesus + Q&A

Join Us Sunday 7 pm London Time

"Zoomunion" offers 100s of video sermons, all segueing into the Lord's Supper. To access all previous ZOOM communion sermons HERE (or scroll down for the various series).

For the latest message, log in HERE (passcode @@q3=&T?).

Join us LIVE this Sunday, 7pm UK time (no passcode required).


The next AIM UK-I session will take place 16 September. To get a feel for what these classes are like, CLICK HERE for a sample video (about 1 minute).

The next AIM UK-I unit is on Homiletics (The Art of Teaching & Preaching)—open to all, not just teachers and preachers. This unit should prove of immeasurable value in sharpening our Bible study skills.

Until next week…