It's easy to feel alone in your struggles with porn. We're here to tell you that you aren't the only one.

 Issue 123 • September 2020
PMO Issue 113 (33)

Redeeming the Pain: Marnie's Story

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By Marnie Ferree • For 20 years, I thought I was the only one: the only woman, especially a supposedly Christian woman, who harbored shameful sexual secrets.

I did everything I could to hide them and everything I could to continue in them. I juggled competing realities of an exhausting double life, and I persisted in living in both worlds.

I wonder if you can relate. If so, you’re not alone.

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3 Ways Porn Affects Your Sex Life

By Chris McKenna • It’s not normal for otherwise young, healthy men to be NOT be aroused by a beautiful, naked woman. And don’t give me this bologna about “performance anxiety” – don’t kid yourself.

Quit watching porn for 90 days and try again. If it still doesn’t work, then we can talk about what else (other than porn) might be going on. Otherwise, the pills on Facebook are only masking the real problem.

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3 Ways Porn Affects Your Sex Life (5) (1)

Here's What 3 Teens Have to Say About Porn

Heres What 3 Kids Have to Say About Covenant Eyes (1) (1)

By Moriah Bowman • We have received thousand of stories from people who have used Covenant Eyes to help them overcome porn addiction. Each story is unique, but all are incredibly powerful.

As someone who has grown up using Covenant Eyes, my favorite stories to read are those coming from the younger generation—the kids who used our accountability software while living with their parents and now see the positive impact it has on their life as adults.

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Support, Heal, Empower: A Summit for Women 

If you are a woman struggling with pornography and unwanted sexual behaviors, there is an army of women who see you, and more importantly, understand you.

Join us October 5-9 at the SHE Summit, a 5-day virtual event for women, hosted by Covenant Eyes and Living on Purpose. During this FREE event, we'll also be releasing a new recovery ebook, just for women!

Register for the Summit today!

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