As Faith & Science 2022 approaches, I’ve been thinking … what if curiosity and wonder aren’t mere personality traits or passing feelings, but something deeper?What if they’re essential clues to who we are as humans, urgent whispers that we’re meant to never stop exploring?I can hardly think of someone better to think this through with than Alister McGrath, whose curiosity as a young atheist led him to study science—and whose continuing pursuit of the biggest questions led him to faith in Christ.McGrath’s remarkable intellect (with three earned doctorates in molecular biophysics, theology, and intellectual history) combine with deeply engaging skill as a communicator.I hope you'll pick up your virtual pass now for Faith & Science 2022 so you can enjoy McGrath's presentation Curiosity, Wonder, Science, Faith and Human Authenticity, and join the discussions and Q&A virtually, along with hundreds of other in-person and virtual participants.McGrath will be joined by 11 other incredible speakers we have lined up to explore our identity and calling as humans in the world God made.Best,David BullerProgram Director, BioLogos

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With a wide range of topics and speakers, this will be perhaps the most important event we’ve ever held, and we want you to join us!That’s why we’re offering flexible "pick your price" tickets ($15-$200), welcoming whatever you can pitch in to be part of our work showing faith and science working hand in hand.

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