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God calls us to be
pure on 4 levels:

  1. Actions
  2. Words
  3. Thoughts
  4. Heart / Conscience / Motives


  • Biblically speaking, purity is a broad subject. Impurity isn't just sexual (as in Gal 5:19).
  • Prov 15:26 [2,3]; 16:2 [1]; 20:9 [4]; 20:11 [1]; 21:8 [1]; 22:11 [2,4]; 4:23 [4]. These proverbs speak of purity at the designated levels [-].
  • Isa 64:5-7. Filthy rags (click for the short article) = religion without the intention of obedience.


  • We can be clean. Don't listen to those who state that the best we can do is detestable to God, or that our best efforts are "filty rags." That is not true, and is a gross misinterpretation of Isa 64:5-7.
  • Thought question: What am I doing with my life? Who am I really living for: myself, or the Lord?


[Tomorrow: We will begin our study of NT passages on purity.]