For all attending the Early Church History seminar with David Bercot, a little advance reading will help you to get the most out of the weekend. Most of us will have read Bercot's Real Heretics. He has written many other books as well. In addition, if possible please at least shim 1 Clement, the letters of Ignatius, and at least one of the works of Irenaeus. See you Friday! - DJ 


Click here for information on this exciting early church history seminar, with David Bercot, Steve Staten, Joseph Harris, and Douglas Jacoby.

What did the early church really teach? What was their spirit of faith like in the 100s, 200s, and early 300s? And just how far have we drifted? What are the important lessons? Did you know that tens of thousands of pages have survived the centuries, recording the thoughts and faith of our early brothers and sisters? Want to learn more? (And meet David Bercot?)

The guest speaker at our Early Church History weekend, David Bercot, has been a friend and mentor to me since 1995. His expertise is Patristics, the study of the Church Fathers -- those who lived their faith, often died for it, and fortunately (for us) recorded their thoughts. Bercot makes history come alive, never failing to stretch the mind and challenge the heart. (This is also the 2008 Continuing AIM event, for all current AIM students and graduates.)

Theme: "The Church and the World"
Speakers: David Bercot, Joey Harris, Douglas Jacoby, Steve Staten
Date: Friday 19 - Sunday 21 September 2008
Location: The new church building of the North River Church of Christ, 320 Austin Avenue, Marietta, a northern suburb of Atlanta, just off I-75.
Cost: $120. This includes any and all days of the conference.
Discounts: 50% off for seniors and full-time students. Spouses and other family members of participants are also 50% off.
Housing: Available on a limited basis with members of the North River congregation.
Preparation: To get the most out of the seminar. please read one or more of David Bercot's books, esp. Real Heretics.
Exam option: For all current and former AIM students, as well as those who would like more accountability, there an examination will be available. (An additional examination fee applies.)

130 persons have registered so far. Participants are coming from Britain, Germany, California, Ohio, Tennessee, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, Alabama, Florida, Georgia... At this date, we expect an attendance of 140-150.

To register, send your check to T&R, Inc, 2256 Rushmore Dr, Marietta GA 30062. Payment date will be reckoned by postmark. To pay by credit card (+2% handling cost), please send an email to

(After September 16th, please bring your check with you, although credit card payments are possible any day.)


Friday September 19
7.00   Reception
7.30   "Introduction to the Patristic World" - Douglas Jacoby
8.00   "The Evolution of Christendom" - David Bercot
9.00   Fellowship

Saturday September 20
9:30     Morning coffee
10.00   "Clement: The Corinthian Connection" - Douglas Jacoby
11.00   "Ignatius: The Episcopacy and Structural Unity"  - Joey Harris
12:00   Lunch break
1.30     "Irenaeus: A Standard Bearer for Orthodoxy" - Steve Staten
2.45     "The Spirit of Sectarianism" - David Bercot
3:45    Panel Discussion
4:30    Close

Sunday September 21
8.00    Reception
8.30    Program begins
8.45    "The Church and the World" - David Bercot
9.30    Close-out
10.00   North River church service (all are welcome)