Can you name a Miracle where Jesus...

  1. Chemically changed the molecular structure of a liquid.
  2. Altered the molecular bonds of hydrogen between H2O molecules to
    increase surface tension
  3. Created something out of nothing, going around the rule that matter can neither be created or destroyed.
  4. Performed a long distance hypothalamus (human thermometer) reset.
  5. Rehabilitated atrophied muscles.
  6. Caused tissue regrowth to repair disfiguration.
  7. Restored the function of the cornea or iris.
  8. Stabilized pressure gradients.
  9. Restored homeostasis by repairing damaged cell membranes and reestablishing balanced cell equilibrium.
  10. Squeezed the infinite into the finite.


  1. Water into wine (John 2)
  2. Walked on water (Matthew 14)
  3. Creation (John 1:1-5, Genesis 1)
  4. Healed the official's son of a fever (John 4)
  5. Healed the paralytic (John 5)
  6. Healed a leper (Mark 1)
  7. Healed a blind man (John 8)
  8. Calmed the storm (Matt 8)
  9. Raised the dead (John 11)
  10. Incarnation -- God became an embryo! (Luke 2)