Cancellation policy: 2024 Israel Tours

Posted: August 11, 2022

  • Cancel by 1 Jul 2023—receive back 100% of deposit and 100% of balance.
  • Cancel by 1 Aug—receive back 50% of deposit and 100% of balance.
  • Cancel by 1 Sep—90% of balance only.
  • Cancel by 1 Oct—80% of balance.
  • Cancel by 1 Nov—50% of balance.
  • Cancel by 1 Dec—25% of balance.
  • Cancellation after 1 Jan—no refund.

In the interests of consistency and fairness to all, please do not request refunds greater than the amount indicated on the chart. Thank you for understanding.

Note: in the event of political unrest, and only if the BST cancels the tour, you can expect a 100% refund of both deposit and balance.

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