In a non-Christian world, where faith is challenged and disinformation is rampant, apologetics is essential. If we are to reach the majority of the world’s population, who do not share our Christian presuppositions, we must change our thinking. But there’s another reason apologetics is vital. According to a recent Barna poll, 3 of the top 6 reasons young people are rejecting the faith of their parents are directly addressed by apologetics. Reason 3: “Churches come across as antagonistic to science.” Reason 5: “They wrestle with the exclusive nature of Christianity.” Reason 6: “The church feels unfriendly to those who doubt.” Thus getting a handle on Christian evidences enables us to connect not only with outsiders, but also insiders.

Please consider taking a masters level apologetics course this summer, offered by Lincoln Christian University and taught by Douglas Jacoby, Adjunct Professor of Theology. The course is 100% online, and runs July 2 to August 19 (seven weeks), and counts for 3 credit hours in the M.A. program in Bible & Theology. You can also audit the course.

Non-degree-seeking students are able to take a course -- just need to fill out online application (on the application there is a spot to check "not seeking a degree"). An individual can take up to 12 hours without being in a degree program and there is an option of paying the full tuition rate of $399/credit hour or auditing at $50 per hour. (Even if you audit, you'd still need to do all the work (about 15-20 hours/week) and participate in the online discussions.) This will be fun!

Visit the Lincoln website and then click on APPLY NOW.