Used with the permission of John Clayton of DoesGodExist?

AYAHUASCA CHURCH: As our culture turns away from God and the Christian system of living, we have a vast void that many people fill by turning to recreational drugs. We now see “churches” that advertise a quick way to have a spiritual experience using a psychedelic brew known as ayahuasca. The promoters claim it will give spiritual enlightenment and bring the user closer to God.

The government of New Mexico permits the ayahuasca church to use the drug as a sacrament even though the main ingredient is illegal under U.S. federal law. In Oregon, a U.S. District Court ruled that a church is free from prosecution for using ayahuasca because of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Hummingbird Church, with locations in California and Utah, conducts ayahuasca services.

The risk factor for ayahuasca is very high and similar to LSD. It raises the heart rate and blood pressure. Many users experience seizures, and most lose muscle coordination resulting in falls.

Respiratory arrests have happened, especially with people who have had the COVID virus. One complication is HPPD (hallucinogen persisting perception disorder), which, along with persistent psychosis, results in flashbacks long after discontinued use. New data also links serotonin syndrome disorder to the drug. A person who throws God out of their life will desperately seek something to fill the void. Ayahuasca, like LSD, is a bad choice.

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