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Q&A 1526 – Can a Christian Go to a Gay Pride Parade? (by Guy Hammond)

Written on June 24, 2018 at 12:15 am

It’s Gay Pride Week in Toronto right now, with the festivities ending with the largest Gay Pride Parade in North America tomorrow afternoon. Over the years I have had several Christians ask me if I thought it was alright for a follower of Christ to attend such an event. Here is my response, first posted  Read More  

Renew Network update, by Bobby Harrington

Written on June 22, 2018 at 1:32 pm

We sense God’s blessings on Renew Network initiatives and we want to share that with you in this week’s email. Here are some of the highlights: Key Leaders from three Branches of the Restoration Movement – Churches of Christ, Independent Christian Churches and International Churches of Christ (who are hungry for a new direction), have  Read More  

Francis Collins Speaks on Genetic Engineering and Christian Faith

Written on June 22, 2018 at 1:28 pm

On June 18, 2018, leading geneticist and BioLogos founder Francis Collins gave a landmark lecture at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The event was hosted by The Trinity Forum, a group that brings Christian leaders to public square conversations, and was co-sponsored by BioLogos. Over 350 people attended, packing out the room and extending  Read More  

Diplomado en Bienestar Psicológico 2018, ¡Inscripciones Abiertas!

Written on June 12, 2018 at 9:22 pm

Ya está lista nuestra nueva edición 2018 del Diplomado en Bienestar Psicológico que ha ayudado a decenas de personas en todo el continente americano y en Europa. Da click para reproducir el video de promoción

A Tool to Help Your Church Build a Disciple-Making Culture

Written on June 12, 2018 at 9:19 pm

We champion leaders, networks, and organizations that help disciples of Jesus make more disciples. Two of the most important aspects of effective disciple making are an intentional strategy and an easy-to-use tool. With a good strategy and useful tools you can easily share biblical truth. Steve McCoy and SmallCircle have developed both a strategy and  Read More  

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I’ve been reading through your book on Psalms, Thrive!, combining it with my personal study of Psalms. Each chapter is cutting deeper. Thrive! is really leveraging God's word. The two together are reawakening a dull heart. Thank you!

— T.K., on Douglas’ book Thrive!


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