Dear Discipleship-first Friends,

I hope the subject line got your attention because it is a vitally important question for the North American Church. Most of us have been trained to make church members instead of making disciples of Jesus.

To help everyone with the shift to “making disciples” instead of “making church members,” pastor, author and speaker David Young, PhD wrote the book King Jesus and the Beauty of Obedience Based Discipleship. This Zondervan book will be published in early July and it will become another “ Resource.”

You can download the central chapter entitled, “Embrace the Mission of King Jesus” for Free.

Click here to download

David is one of the mainstage speakers at our upcoming Online National Disciple Making Forum April 29-30th and this sampler chapter captures the heart of David’s message.

You can learn more about the ONLINE National Disciple Making Forum by going right now to or by clicking here

Bill Hull wrote the following endorsement for King Jesus and the Beauty of Obedience Based Discipleship:

I rarely read books about the Kingdom of God that make me cry. But then, this is just what David Young does. His stories drive home a well-crafted theology that is moving and practical. David paints pictures that make things I deeply believe much more vivid. I found reading it such a pleasure, it penetrated my soul.

For King Jesus,

Bobby Harrington, Point Leader,