Obviously, All Fools' Day isn't a biblical day, or even a traditional religious observance, yet it is an annual event in many countries, and our study will underscore at least one helpful point for Christians.

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Origins? Possibilities:
  • Ancient Romans times
  • Ancient India
  • Medieval Europe
April Fools pranks
  • BBC "Swiss Spaghetti Harvest" (1957). Read about the joke here.
  • Kugel, Constantine's court jester (1983). Read about this story here.
  • "Florida Court Sets Atheist Holy Day" (based on Psalm 14:1). Check it out at truthorfiction.com.
  • For more, visit snopes.com.


  • Are there any serious lessons emerging from this piece of light-hearted reflection?
  • Is it wrong for a Christian to tease, to deceive? It is wrong — or at least terribly sloppy — to fail to check our sources. We who claim to stand for the truth, and represent him who is the Truth, need to be watchful — to maintain our integrity.
  • Since a sense of humor is one of Jesus’ own traits, as widely agreed by Bible scholars and students alike, we should welcome (appropriate) levity.