(By John Clayton, Does God Exist? January/February 2006. Used by permission.)

Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar believes she has found David's palace. A seal impression with the name of Jehudi, a palace officer, has been found in the ruins. Jeremiah 36 records a man by the same name. There will likely be a great deal of debate about this for a while, but it will turn out to be a monumental find if it holds up to further examination.

Another incredible find is the Siloam Pool described in John 9:1-11, where Jesus healed the blind man. Ronny Reich, a leading archaeologist focusing on ancient Jerusalem, was the first identify the steps leading into the Pool of Siloam from the time of Jesus. There is a wonderful article by Hershel Shanks'with numerous pictures'in the September 2005 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review (pp. 16-23). Much of archaeology is dominated by biblical minimalists who minimize the veracity of the biblical text and any evidence claimed to support it, but in spite of this there seems to be a constant flow of discoveries that support the biblical account. These two are particularly interesting.

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