1. If all the blood vessels in your body were laid end to end, how far would they go?
(a) 100 yards (b) 10 feet (c) A mile (d) 80 miles (e) 1000 miles (f) 60,000 miles

2. People can talk because they have vocal cords. True ___ False ___

3. The heart beats because the brain tells it to. True ___ False ___

4. The biological purpose of finger prints is to:
(a) Identify you (b) Improve your grip on things (c) Hold your fingers together (d) They have no purpose

5. When you bite your nails, they grow faster. True ___ False ___

6. When a woman is born, she has over 100,000 eggs in each ovary. True ___ False ___

7. A male testicle produces how many sperm a month?
(a) Over 2 billion (b) A million (c) A thousand (d) a hundred (e) A dozen

8. All races of humans smell the same. True ___ False ___

9. Which of the following is the strongest? (a) Human bone (b) Reinforced concrete (c) Marble

10. How many eyes are people born with? _______