You can find anything you want online, but the availability of open immorality on the web has gotten to be a huge business.

Craigslist has a plain-Jane listing, but a new site [name omitted].com is designed to facilitate extramarital affairs. The company says that in just the month of June [2009] 679,000 men and women used the site and 92 percent of the males were married.

The CEO of this site said, “Humans aren’t meant to be monogamous,” but admits he would be devastated if his wife used the site. The notion that multiple partners brings sexual satisfaction is a cruel deception based on an ignorant understanding of sex. Humans ARE meant to be monogamous, and the best of sex is not found in uncommitted, unstable relationships.

Source: Time, August 17, 2009, page 59. Used by permission of John Clayton,