We champion leaders, networks, and organizations that help disciples of Jesus make more disciples.

Two of the most important aspects of effective disciple making are an intentional strategy and an easy-to-use tool. With a good strategy and useful tools you can easily share biblical truth.

Steve McCoy and SmallCircle have developed both a strategy and a tool that you can use to build a disciple-making culture in your church. Steve is a church planter, Senior Pastor and the visionary leader behind the tool promoted by SmallCircle.

Join me as I interview Steve in a lively and helpful webinar this Thursday, June 14 at 3:00pm CST. (If you can't make it at that time, you can still watch the private replay link later; everyone who signs up will have access to the replay.)


Steve will help you to develop a disciple-making culture so that the disciple makers in your church do not feel alone as they figure it out. Please join us for an important conversation that can help you make a big difference in your local church.









Executive Director, Discipleship.org