Church Discipline
This article considers the principal passages on church discipline. Church discipline isn’t a series of confrontations or warnings, but an interactive process.

Crucial Counsel for Christian Leaders (Homosexuality & SSA)
No Christian leader can afford to be uninformed about the issues surrounding homosexuality and same-sex attraction. Here you will find crucial counsel. (Note: Douglas Jacoby serves as an Advisory Board member for the ministry Strength in Weakness.)

Church Polity
The N.T. features a dynamic, not static, view of church leadership.

Forceful Men
The phrase “forceful men” (Matthew 11:12) has been misconstrued. In all likelihood forcefulness is a bad thing, not a leadership quality to be desired.

Unity on Three Levels
Despite the persistent human tendency to erect and rely on hierarchy, connection in the N.T. Is quite simple. There are three levels of unity, and if these are respected then a congregation will be healthy.

Driven Men
Drivenness in men (and women alike) can be a blessing and a curse. Worldly drivenness must not be confused with biblical, godly leadership.

Women’s Role Reconsidered: Sisters on Staff
The N.T. teaches remarkably little about church staff positions (duties, time commitment, compensation, etc). Given the apparent latitude in the apostolic church, there are three options for female Christian leaders (including those whose husbands work full-time for the church). Women may serve full-time or part-time, or she may not be on staff at all.

Groups and institutions tend to develop counterproductive and even dangerous cultures. Openness to feedback is a safety feature, and leaders should welcome it.

Tips for Speakers: Communion Thoughts
If you’ve been asked to lead the Lord’s Supper, you may wish to read over these helpful guidelines. This version was established by the North River (Atlanta) leadership team.

Tips for Speakers: Welcome Talks, Contribution Talks, Announcements, Etc.
If you’ve been asked to speak during church (apart from preaching and communion), you may wish to read over these helpful guidelines. Established by the North River (Atlanta) leadership team.

Bringing Back the Stray
The Lord restores our souls (Psalm 23), and those who are spiritual ought to restore the brother caught in sin (Galatians 6:2). Thus bringing back the those who have strayed isn't “restoration" in the original sense of the word. Restoration is for insiders, more than for outsiders.

Fresh Thoughts on Elders
Although there has always been a need for evangelists -- and always will be -- they are not explicitly identified in church history. In the 2nd century each congregation was led by overseers. In time, an elaborate hierarchy was erected, yet (surprisingly to come) this did not include evangelists — probably because they were not permanent fixtures in local church leadership.