It's no secret that I'm passionate about churches reaching their communities. After all, evangelism and outreach is at the heart of the gospel.

So when I hear from pastors who feel like they are failing at this important aspect of their church, I'm eager to help them not fail.

Many pastors are working off of wrong assumptions. Their biblical assumptions about reaching people are sometimes off. Their assumptions about preaching can be erroneous. I've even seen some pastors pursue outreach with assumptions about how it will affect their own reputation. It's easy in ministry to find ourselves working for something out of wrong motives and desires.

I want to address these faulty assumptions and give you some practical steps to reach more people in your city. On Monday January 29, I'll be hosting a LIVE webinar called "4 Reasons Churches Fail to Reach People."

This webinar is for anyone who longs to improve their current method of outreach. It is for the person who feels like their heart's desire is in the right place, but their efforts feel like trudging through mud.

Register today for this FREE webinar. Let me help you take some next steps to lead your church towards effective outreach.

Thom S. Rainer