This is the IBTM newsletter for 22 March 2023.

Greetings from Athens, Georgia (our home 2003-2006). Here I’m meeting with our website manager—and with our tax lawyer, an annual tradition, as we strive to comply with the government's regulations (Romans 13:6-7).

A few days ago, at North River (Marietta, Georgia), several students (from America, Australia, and Madagascar) graduated from the Athens Institute (AIM). AIM also runs programs in the Pacific (Hawaii) and the British Isles (London). I was honored to preach at North River, too, from Matt 5:33-37, as passage on oaths. This turned out to be a message on Christian integrity.

On Friday it’s off to North Carolina (the state where I came to Christ). The Fayetteville Church (that’s their whole name) is hosting a Singles Weekend. I’ve been privileged to visit this congregation numerous times, as well as to teach online. These are some truly faithful brothers and sisters. After three days of teaching and preaching, it’s back to Atlanta and then home to Scotland.

Gold—or Silver?

A new iFaith video, in the Sermon on the Mount series, is ready to view.

It’s based on Matthew 7:12, and is titled The Golden Rule.

Hope you enjoy it!


Our two (back-to-back) Israel Biblical Study Tours slated for February 2024 are fast filling up. Already 30 have signed up for each of the two weeks. Home nations of the 2024 group (so far): Australia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, D. R. Congo, Denmark, Finland, India, the Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Nigeria, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United States. What an international fellowship feast—besides the opportunity for deep inspiration and learning!

To enter the draw, become a new website member, or get a friend to sign up. Then email confirmation of the subscription. (You can reply to this newsletter.) There’s no limit to the number of entries. (Sign up 5 friends, be entered 5 times.) The winner will be announced on 14 June.

Until next week...

Please keep this ministry in your prayers. Next week’s newsletter will be dispatched from Amsterdam (my layover on the way back to Scotland). It will include both a fresh iFaith video message and a powerful prayer from Teresa of Ávila.

In Him,