Below is a second interview with Common Grounds, a terrific ministry focused on unity within the Stone-Campbell Movement. Last week's interview, in case you missed it, was on Christian Unity.

Today's offering: ORIGINS. First, an explanation from the Common Grounds webpage:

Javier Monzon & Otoma Edje co-host a discussion with Douglas Jacoby about the book he co-authored with Paul Copan, Origins: The Ancient Impact and Modern Implications of Genesis 1-11. Javier is a professor of biology at Pepperdine University and a founding board member of Common Grounds Unity. Otoma is the founder and host of the Image Bearer YouTube channel.

Please note that this discussion may be sensitive to some Christians. Some may strongly agree or disagree with the positions taken by guests on our CGU Podcast. We recognize that certain topics may be more sensitive than others, and in those cases we encourage all to take James 1:19 to heart... It is not our intent to prescribe the correct answers. Rather, our goal is to inform, to explore and discuss areas or issues that potentially divide us. And as we do so, hopefully we are providing models for how to effectively navigate difficult discussions...

Please enjoy this important conversation.