Discipleship-First Friends,

I am just completing an experiment in disciple making with some current and future leaders in the staff at our church that I wanted to share with you.

The success we experienced in our group could be utilized to help other disciple makers with one of the biggest challenges North Americans face—because so many people are busy today!

I hear people say, “I would like to disciple others, but my schedule is just too full and unpredictable to meet regularly with people.”

Are you hearing this type of comment in your ministry or church?

Let me tell you about my journey so that you can see what I have learned about online meetings …

I planted a church in the late 1990s, where I continue to serve as Lead Pastor. We have always wanted our elders to pray weekly, but we could never find a realistic place and time where to make it work on a consistent basis. We are a disciple-making church, so each of our elders are in small groups (8-15 people) or what we call “transformation groups” (3-6 people), or both.

With weekend services, discipling groups, and the ongoing duties of elders—how could we find a weekly time for a prayer meeting? To give you a better picture of our scenario: One of our elders is a pilot who flies during the week, another is a sales manager who often travels during the week, and others have tight schedules too… you get the point.

But over two years ago everything changed …

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For King Jesus,

Bobby Harrington, Lead Servant, Discipleship.org

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