We believe discipleship is the core mission of the church. That is why fueling discipleship is our mission. We can only do this with your prayers and support.

Would you prayerfully consider joining our prayer team and providing a monthly pledge of support to Renew.org?

No amount of support is too small and Renew.org is a 501(c)3, so donations are tax deductible.

Please don’t miss this: those that pledge a monthly support of $25 or more will receive Renew.org supporter benefits. These benefits include:

  • - free books from Renew.org and its partners
  • - free friend or family pass to the Renew.org Gathering with a paid registration
  • - digital access to past Renew.org event videos and recordings
  • - other benefits to be announced

To join our prayer team, please send an email to info@renew.org or join the Renew.org Prayer Group on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

Make your pledge of support by texting RENEW2020 to 31996 or CLICKING HERE NOW.

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